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awards and lectures 2012

Our 19th Annual Charity and Awards Nite was held on Wednesday, 25th January 2012 at 6.00 pm at Hotel Savera, RK Salai, Chennai. For the past three years TANKER has used this special night as a platform to recognise and appreciate the efforts of professionals working tirelessly to improve the lives of people, especially the underprivileged with kidney and other disease.

Our Chief Guest Mr. Mike Nithavriyanakis, the British Deputy High Commissioner, Chennai presented the Awards.

The Krishnan Ang TANKER Foundation Endowment Lecture by Dr. Binayak Sen, renowned Public Health Doctor and Human Rights Activist. His lecture was on "Equity and the Future of Healthcare in India". The La Renon TANKER Foundation For the Sake of Honour Award given to an individual who has done exemplary work in his or her field was awarded to Dr. Binayak Sen who is a renowned public health doctor who has helped tribals in Chhattisgarh. He is also a human rights activist. The award carried a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/-, a citation and a gold medallion.

The Muthoot M. George Memorial TANKER & Kerala Kidney Research Foundation Young Investigator Award for outstanding research done in the field of Nephrology in India was awarded to Dr. P. V. Lakshmi, M.Sc, Ph.D, for her research into "Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with a Supplemented Low Protein Diet and Supplemented very Low Protein Diet". The award carried a cash prize of Rs. 2,00,000/-, a citation and a gold medallion.

The Renny Abraham TANKER Foundation Love for Service Award for a medical doctor who has gone beyond the call of duty in serving the underprivileged was awarded to Dr. V. S. Natarajan, M.D., M.R.C.P. (U.K)., FRCP(Edin), D.Sc.(Hon), Chennai. He is the father of Geriatric Medicine who has given a lease of life to the aged and needy. The award carried a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/-, a citation and a gold medallion.

The K.Venkatanarayana TANKER Foundation Awareness Award – a new award that has been instituted by the BALAHA Group of Companies for creating awareness of any disease, mental, physical and social– Mrs. Rajalakshmi (of TANKER) -"Awareness and Prevention programmes on Kidney Disease" - Till December 2011, she has done 200 awareness programmes reaching out to 41,327 people. Of this, 127 programmes were done in Educational Institutions attended by 31,385 students and 73 programmes were done for adults where 9,942 have attended. Further she has conducted 23 screening camps and screened 2,701 individuals for early detection of kidney disease and Mrs. Vidya Reddy (of TULIR) - "Awareness and Prevention programmes on Child Sexual Abuse". Ms Vidya Reddy is a social worker who co founded TULIR.Tulir’s vision is the right of every child to be safe all the time from sexual abuse. The five broad areas of activity are Personal Safety Education - a direct prevention initiative with children and which includes Online Safety, Healing and Intervention, Resource Development, Advocacy, Training, Research and Networking. The award carried a cash prize of Rs. 1,00,000/-, a citation and a gold medallion.

There was a Dance and Mimicry programme by RAJ TV Mimicry Senthil who is physically challenged.

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