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Awareness & Out Reach Programmes

It is never too early to create awareness and work towards prevention and early detection. The Foundation regularly organizes talks in schools, colleges and public forums for creating awareness about kidney diseases and the symptoms to look out for, their prevention and early treatment.

Till August 2013, Ms. Rajalakshmi Ravi who has personal experience with kidney disease and brings a special commitment and understanding to the programmes has conducted 498 of them reaching out to over 90,000 people. Dr. Suresh and Dr. Georgi Abraham both experts in the field also provide valuable inputs towards the awareness drives and have personally conducted many programmes.

Ms.Ravi and her team create awareness about the disease intensively and extensively through power point presentations in educational institutions and adult forums like public and private organisations including Self Help Groups. The awareness programmes are in English and Tamil. Leaflets are distributed .Students are asked to pass on the leaflets to their parents so that the reach is wider and multiplied.

Field visits are also organized for students to come and observe dialysis procedure first hand and interact with patients.

We have also used media such as Radio and TV to spread awareness with help from our Goodwill Ambassador Suriya.

For further information on TANKER Awareness and Prevention Programme

Screening activities

As with any disease, early detection and treatment can make a huge difference. TANKER reaches out with regular screening camps in schools and communities for early detection and diagnosis of kidney related problems. This not just helps diagnose and treat the ailment but also spread awareness about the importance of early detection.

For conducting Awareness Programmes,please contact 044-42315115, 9884246840

Details of Awarness Programmes

Awareness Program Students Adults Grand Total
Urban Rural Total Urban Rural Total
No. of Programs 452 62 514 337 37 374 888
No. of Beneficiaries 85,500 11,990 97,490 29,938 2,790 32,728 1,30,218

Awareness programme for the Students of Medavakkam School

Awareness Programme for the Employees of Kamak Plastics Private Limited, Athipet, Chennai

Screening Camps

Subsequent to these awareness programmes, on request ,we conduct screening camps for early detection of kidney disease. Camps are conducted in organised sectors and also for the general public.

Details of Screening Camps

Screening Camp - Cumulative October 2012 No. of Camps Total
Rural 87 6,372
Urban 183 17,526
Total 270 23,898

Our programme is supported by

  1. Dr. V.Sumantran, who donated a vehicle in the name of his parents, to conduct our programmes.
  2. M/s Central Bank of India who donated a portable ultra sound machine and associated office equipments.
  3. M/s Union Bank of India who donated a portable auto analyser.
  4. The Madras Medical Mission extends its support in the form of providing lab technicians and Nursing Staff for all our camps

Blood collection for testing Serum Creatinine done at a Screening Camp by a Lab Technician

Doctors Consultation during a Screening Camp

Ultra Sound Check done for people above 40 years by Dr.George Kurien,Urologist

TANKER's team along with the Bishops during a Screening Camp conducted for the Priest Association of outside Kerala region of Malankara Orthodox Church.

4-Jan-2018 - Anna Nagar



18 & 19-Jan-2018 Venue: NEW INDIA EXPRESS, AMBATTUR IE






Encouraging Organ Donation

Donating organs is one of the highest forms of philanthropy. Giving part of yourself to live on, after you pass away is a gift of a lifetime. TANKER encourages deceased-donor organ donation that can be a boon for not just kidney patients but also for others suffering from life threatening ailments. Deceased-donor organ donation is not very popular in our country and hence the recipient waiting lists are long.

Deceased-donor organ donation consists of removing viable organs from brain dead donors and then transplanting them into a living patient who needs it. Soon after a patient is declared brain dead (The patient is dead but the heart maintains circulation usually with mechanical ventilation support), the organs are harvested. The harvested organs are then kept cold to delay the natural decaying process. These are then transplanted to the needy patient.

TANKER under the Deceased-Donor Transplantation Programme, sponsored a meeting of surgeons and physicians in October, 2005. Their recommendation to the Health Secretary resulted in the expansion of the panel of specialists who certify brain-stem death.

The TANKER Trustee Doctors were part of the team that performed the first government approved multi organ deceased-donor transplant in December 1995.

TANKER also supports MOHAN (Multi Organ Harvesting Aid Network) Foundation in creating awareness about deceased-donor organ donation.

Kidney transplantation is a life-extending procedure. A typical patient will live ten to fifteen years longer with a kidney transplant than if kept on dialysis. The years of life gained is greater for younger patients. (Courtesy