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AV Graft Fistula

Mr. Jayaram currently a patient of CKD is just 14 years and is a student of class 10. His father deserted him after knowing his condition. He is being looked after by mother who is domestic help earning around Rs 4,000 per month. Occasionally he gets support from his friends and relatives

In 2002 he had a symptom of poor urine output. He consulted a doctor in a private hospital and after investigations the report showed that he had chronic renal failure. He was advised for dialysis. Initially he managed the dialysis costs with his mother’s earnings. The cost per dialysis in private hospitals ranges from Rs. 1,000/- to Rs. 2,500/- plus consumables. Later on, he could not afford the dialysis expenses. He was referred to TANKER Foundation by his doctor. He joined our Ambattur Subsidized Dialysis unit on 30th Oct 2015.

During the month of May 2016, his fistula failedand has been advised to fix AV fistula. On examination, it was found that his veins were very thin and normal Graft could not be implanted. Hence the doctors suggested “AV Graft” as a special case. Tanker Foundation procured “Gortex AV Graft” costing Rs. 31,200/- and supported as a special case. Subsequently the patient underwent surgical procedure at a private hospital, Chennai. He is extremely thankful to TANKERdonors for supporting him.


An A V fistula is essential for dialysis. This is created surgically by joining a vein to an artery in the area of the wrist. Impure blood is first drawn from the fistula on the patient's wrist, passed through the dialyser machine and clean blood is returned to the patient. A Fistula surgery costs between Rs. 10,000/- to Rs. 15,000/-, which is beyond what many patients can afford. Upto May 2015 TANKER has sponsored free fistula surgeries for 151 underprivileged patients.

Financial Support

The Foundation helps needy patients from all over India by offering them one-time contributions ranging from Rs.1,500/- to Rs.20,000/- towards transplantation, investigation and post-transplantation medication costs. Upto May 2015, financial help for transplantation, medication and investigation costs has been provided for 2045 patients to the tune of Rs.101 lakhs.

Research Grants

The importance of advances in Kidney research is recognised by TANKER. Funding is provided to research projects for studies in various aspects of kidney disease. Up to May 2015 , a funding of Rs. 20 Lakhs has been provided for 17 projects.

Internships and Training

TANKER at its various dialysis units provides training and internship for budding nurses, lab technicians and those looking at Administrative roles. The Foundation is also a training ground for students of Social Work, Public Relations and Sociology.